Skillet Apple Crumble {GAPS}

apple crumble

This recipe was created by a good friend of mine who also happens to be my chiropractor. She is very well versed in nutrition and is also our area GAPS practitioner. She created this recipe while her family was following a strict GAPS diet. Turns out that you don’t have to be deprived, this skillet apple crumble is divine and indulgent! [Read more...]

Kombucha Fruit Gummies

kombucha fruit gummies

I love to make gummies for my kids because, let’s be honest here, they will eat anything that looks like candy! We drink a ton of kombucha and I always have extra fruit to use up….so these kombucha fruit gummies were created from fruit I needed to use up! The gut healing gelatin combined with the probiotics in the kombucha make for one healthy snack! These would be especially helpful for someone who is suffering from a gastrointestinal illness, or kiddos who are under the weather and don’t feel like eating much.


  • 2 cups kombucha divided
  • 1 banana, peeled and sliced
  • 1 mango, peeled and diced
  • 4 Tbsp gelatin powder (we use this kind)


  • In a food processor or Vitamix, blend 1 cup kombucha, mango, and banana until smooth
  • In a sauce pan heat 1 cup kombucha over low heat (too much heat will destroy the probiotic content)
  • When the kombucha is warm to touch, whisk in the gelatin 1 Tbsp at a time whisking constantly
  • Slowly adding the gelatin is important to avoid clumps (if it does clump, heat the liquid more and whisk to dissolve)
  • When all the gelatin is incorporated, add to the fruit puree
  • Mix everything together and pour into silicon candy molds (like these)
  •  If you don’t have molds just pour into a shallow pan and when it’s set you can cut into squares

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