Essential Oils and Common Ailments

Essential Oils and Common Ailments | Real Food RN

In our modern world we are often quick to run off to the doctors office for every sniffle and sneeze. In our home, if it is a mild and common ailment, we typically try some oily remedies first. Many coughs and pains can clear right up with a simple oil massage or putting some oils in the diffuser. Saves us a trip to the doctor, and also saves a lot of money on unnecessary medical bills! Of course the Nurse in me is always interested in essential oils and common ailments! I am proud to say that my children have never even been on antibiotics, not even once!  [Read more...]

DIY “Sick Day” Playdough Recipe

DIY Sick Day Playdough Recipe | Real Food RN

When my kiddos catch a bug it never really slows them down. They continue to be on the go constantly! I am just running around after them trying to wipe a nose or cover a sneeze. So, that means that “sick days” are still filled with activities. This is why I came up with “sick day” playdough. Keep them busy, and kick that cold in the rear while they play! Essential oils are always at the rescue in our house. Let me tell you, Thieves oil is the best of the best for knocking out just about every illness that my kids bring home! I add a little lavender too, just to make them sleepy — because sleep helps the healing process too! [Read more...]

Healthy Chocolate Covered Amazeballs

Healthy Chocolate Covered Amazeballs | Real Food RN

I am always trying to come up with “healthy” dessert recipes so my kids are allowed treats without eating all that junk. I know if I deprive them of all sweets, they are very likely to binge on sugar at their friends (or grandparents) house. So I need to keep a balance here. This recipe was created from random foods in my fridge and cabinet in a four-alarm treat emergency. After I made them up and we all gave them a try, the only word that came to mind was “amazeballs” because I was just amazed at how so few ingredients could make such a delicious treat!!! So, naturally I had to call them chocolate covered amazeballs — a healthy version! [Read more...]

Essential Oils for Well-being

Essential Oils for Well-being | Real Food RN

I have been using essential oils daily for years and absolutely love them! I use them in all of my cleaning products, to keep my family healthy and (most important of all!) to keep myself in good working order so I can take care of my family. Every once in a while I need a little help to keep myself sane amongst the usual chaos of life. My oils are a wonderful way to help me out there, who wouldn’t love to use essential oils for well-being?! Personally, I’d rather take this route, than resort to medications (as is so often the case in our modern medical system!). I detailed below how I personally use my oils to keep my mood high and my stress low! [Read more...]

Essential Oils During Pregnancy {plus a video}

Essential Oils During Pregnancy | Real Food RN

Many people have asked me: “Do you use essential oils during pregnancy?”. YES! Oh yes! I have been using essential oils for years now, so naturally I would continue to use them throughout pregnancy! Let me tell you, they have been a game-changer with my third pregnancy too! Everything from heartburn, to nausea, muscle cramps (BAD ones!), stress, sickness, and the list goes on and on. There’s an oil for that! Here are the oils that I personally used throughout my pregnancy and how I used them. [Read more...]

How to Make a Plantain Weed Bandage

How to Make a Plantain Weed Bandage | Real Food RN

I recently hacked off the tip of my finger while cutting some homemade beef jerky in the kitchen. Yes I use the term “hacked off” because I work in an ER and have seen some pretty nasty kitchen accidents, this one was a hack-job! Now, I am not recommending that you do not be seen for a kitchen knife accident, not at at all! I just knew (through experience) that my cut could not be sutured, or glued, or really require any medical intervention — as long as I was able to stop the excessive bleeding and prevent infection. [Read more...]

Tequillaberry’s Salad

Tequillaberry's Salad | Real Food RN

This salad is a copycat recipe from a popular Minneapolis restaurant. Of course, I made it a much healthier version. Tequillaberry’s Salad is a potluck favorite here in these parts! Let me tell you, once you have tried it you will want to make this part of your regular routine too. This salad needs to be made and served immediately, you will not have any leftovers. It’s AHmazing! Full of cruciferous vegetables, which are cancer protective. No artificial flavors or junk ingredients like soybean oil mayo. It’s also so easy to make that it is now part of our regular weekly rotation!  [Read more...]

Top Five Pregnancy Superfoods {plus a video}

Top Five Pregnancy Superfoods | Real Food RN

When I went to my very first doctor appointment during my first pregnancy I was shocked at the lack of nutritional information that they offered me. I asked them what I should be eating to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, the response I was given was brief and vague: don’t eat lunch meat, fish or raw milk. That was about it. I also was given a pamphlet that detailed why these foods were so bad.

I went directly from my doctor appointment to my chiropractor. She had a very different story to tell. [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Beef Jerky

Easy Homemade Beef Jerky | Real Food RN

One of my favorite foods to have on hand is beef jerky. My kids love it, my husband loves it, and its EASY! Plus, its portable — you can throw a bag in your purse or bag and then you are never without a healthy snack option. Great for camping, traveling, or for those days when you are out running errands for a while. Of course the stuff you buy in the stores not only contains a bunch of junk ingredients, but it is downright expensive! I have found a way to make it at a cheaper price point and without all the added MSG and whatever else. We make this every other week and each batch lasts about two weeks! No, this will not take you hours to make either, this is easy homemade beef jerky! [Read more...]

Grain Free Granola

Grain Free Granola | Real Food RN

I grew up eating granola cereal as a special treat for breakfast. I loved it and wished I could have it every day! I even remember eating the granola clusters out of every cereal that I could find them in. Remember Honey Bunches of Oats? Yeah, I would pick those boxes clean! Well, now we no longer eat grains so I though granola was a thing of the past. Yogurt just isn’t the same without it though! So, after much experimentation, I came up with a grain free granola recipe that we love and that is very versatile. I make it a little differently each time, depending on what we are in the mood for. Play around with this recipe, try different nuts and seeds, or different spices. Yum!  [Read more...]