Three Ingredient Blueberries & Cream Popsicles

Three Ingredient Blueberry Cream Popsicles | Real Food RN

My kids LOVE popsicles! Who doesn’t on a hot summer day? Being the sneaky mom that I am, I wanted to keep these treats healthy and filled with goodness. I love to add healthy fats like coconut milk or avocados to just about everything I make for the kiddos. So, coconut milk has become a pretty standard ingredient in most of my “treat” recipes. Add to the coconut milk some berries and you have a perfect snack for kids, filled with healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. I never feel bad letting my kids have three in a row when we are serving these up!  [Read more...]

How To Make Yogurt

How To Make Yogurt | Real Food RN

One of the foods that I make every week is homemade yogurt. Not only do I know that it is the healthiest yogurt that we can consume, but we save a TON of money doing it this way. For less than the price of one container of yogurt from the store, I can make twice the amount. I will admit that I was intimidated to start making it. I thought that it would be a long and very detailed process. I was wrong. Once I learned how to make yogurt I quickly make it into an easy process that fits right into our weekly routine, with very little effort. I want to share my method with you, so you can save money and nourish your family too! [Read more...]

Homemade Onion Soup Mix

Homemade Onion Soup Mix | Real Food RN

I grew up thinking that onion soup mix had magical powers. It transofrmed plain old sour cream into something that made me want to eat raw broccoli by the pound, it made casseroles have the most amazing flavor, it even tasted good just added to water (when I was a starvig college student). Well over the years I have come to look deeper into the foods that I eat, especially when they come from a box or small white envelop. Alas, my magical onion soup mix was not so magical. It was full of the flavor enhancer MSG. Aw man! Just look at this ingredient list… [Read more...]

Grain Free Meatloaf

Grain Free Meatloaf | Real Food RN

Whenever I think of meatloaf I hear “Meatloaf, meatloaf, double-beetloaf. I hate meatloaf” playing over and over in my head. Quoted directly from one of my favorite movies of all time! The only thing is that I absolutely do NOT hate meatloaf, I love the stuff. But, ever since going grain-free we haven’t been eating it because I don’t use the breadcrumbs. Well, I just had to come up with my own version of this classic staple meal. Oh boy, did I ever. I like my version much better because its sweet and savory, all while packing a nutritional punch too!  [Read more...]

Healthy Orange Crush

Healthy Orange Crush | Real Food RN

Luckily my parents limited our soda comsumption when I was growing up to 1 can on special occasions. I did not develop a real taste for it so I never really added it to my diet when I was older either. I do still have fond memories of drinking some of my favorites though, it takes me back to camping trips and holidays with my grandparents. So, I want my kids to have some fun beverages to enjoy on special occasions too. Well, we recently came up with one that has become an overnight sensation in our household! Healthy Orange Crush! [Read more...]

Factory Farmed Chicken May Be Cheap, But the Ultimate Price You Pay Is High

Factory Farmed Chicken May Be Cheap, But the Ultimate Price You Pay Is High | Real Food RN

{This article is shared today with permission from Dr. Mercola. The information shared will be helpful to many people, especially if they are just starting out on their real food journey. I hope you enjoy! ~Kate}… 

Demand for food at cheaper prices has dramatically altered the entire food chain. Today, food production revolves around efficiency—the ability to produce more for less.

This mindset has significant ramifications for both animal and human health, and the environment.

Today, nearly 65 billion animals worldwide, including cows, chickens, and pigs, are crammed into confined animal feeding operations known as CAFOs. These animals are imprisoned and tortured in crowded, unhealthy, unsanitary, and cruel conditions.

As noted by the Cornucopia Institute,1 the price of chicken has dropped dramatically over the past few decades, becoming the cheapest meat available in the US. As a result, consumption has doubled since 1970.

Seeing how chicken is supposed to be a healthy source of high-quality nutrition, the fact that it has become so affordable might seem to be a great benefit. But there’s a major flaw in this equation. As it turns out, it’s virtually impossible to mass-produce clean, safe, optimally nutritious foods at rock bottom prices.

[Read more...]

How to Get a Premium Starter Kit for FREE

How to Get a Young Living Premium Starter Kit for FREE | Real Food RN

I’ve been using essential oils for years now. A variety of different brands. I would pick some up from my co-op, or order one from a friend of mine who was a distributor. I hate to admit it, but I never paid much attention to quality — I was focused on the price tag. Some oils can cost a fortune! But, the more I read (and through my own personal experience) the more I learned that quality is very important! For example, someone may get a burn and just use the cheap lavender they find at their local grocer. That lavender can actually turn a bad burn into an even worse burn, it has happened! Scary stuff. [Read more...]

Healthy Orange Julius Recipe

Healthy Orange Julius Recipe | Real Food RN

I can still smell the orange julius stand in the mall. It lured me in as a kid. Call me crazy, but despite all of the new flavors they offer, I still love the original orange julius. So sweet and refreshing, like a creamsicle what you can drink with a straw.

Of course I could not find what’s REALLY in an orange julius anywhere online. But, I did find their list of possible allergens. This leads me to question: why does there need to be soy in there if they claim to be made from milk and orange juice? What is dairy-based flavor enhancer? Well, it’s not real food. Check out their list HERE. [Read more...]

DIY Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin

DIY Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin | Real Food RN


My husband has to shave his head every morning! It is inevitable to get a few knicks here and there. Well, when you are using shaving creams filled with synthetic chemicals, they get right into your body through those tiny little cuts. We have purchased various toxin-free brands and been generally satisfied. The price tag can usually be pretty steep though. So, I decided to whip up my own DIY shaving cream (literally!). Plus, I was able to add in some essential oils and shea butter to help heal and nourish the skin!  [Read more...]

6 Food Industry Tricks You Don’t Know About

6 Food Industry Tricks You Don’t Know About | Real Food RN 

{This article is shared today with permission from Dr. Mercola. The information shared will be helpful to many people, especially if they are just starting out on their real food journey. I hope you enjoy! ~Kate}… 

If you shop in a typical US supermarket or big-box store, there may be more to your food purchases than meets the eye. Even the simplest of foods – apples, oranges, and chicken, for example – are commonly altered, treated with chemicals, or even injected with artificial coloring.

If you value pure real food, there’s no getting around the fact that buying your food directly from a farm (or via a farmer’s market), or, alternatively, growing it in your own backyard, are among the last remaining ways to secure such unadulterated food for your family.

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