The Easy Way To Clean Out Easter Eggs For Decorating!

Easter Eggs | Real Food RN

So, I picked up this handy little tool at a Ukrainian Egg decorating store about 5 years ago and we use it every year to blow out the eggs we decorate and hang on our egg-tree. The kids love decorating Easter eggs and its a great way to make Easter memories every year with our yearly decorated egg that tells the story of the previous year. For anyone who has drilled holes in eggs and tried to blow out the contents with your mouth…and then experienced TMJ and ear pain (ouch!), this is the tool you have to pick up! [Read more...]

How to Make Pregnancy Announcements, Again!

Pregnancy Announcements

Well when I found out I was pregnant the first two times, it just kind of fell out of my mouth when I saw my husband. Excitement? Yes! A lasting memory of the creative and amazing way that I broke the news? No. So, with round three I knew this time I had to do it right. I considered just giving him this t-shirt, but his buddies would enjoy that way too much. Google and Pinterest had lots of good ideas for pregnancy announcements, but none of them really stood out to me. That is until I came across the idea for the older siblings being promoted….brilliant! My husband works in the corporate world and a letter of promotion is speaking his language. The wheels in my head began to turn, I had to format this thing just right! [Read more...]

Healthy Homemade Whipped Cream

Homemade Whipped Cream | Real Food RN

When I was a kid my Dad used to make homemade whipped cream for everything! We had it on fluffy pancakes, as frosting on cakes, on top of warm apple pie, and always in his signature fruit salad! There were four of us kids, and only two beaters on that mixer. Let me tell you, it was  a knock-down, drag-out fight to get at those whipped cream filled beaters after he was finished beating the cream! [Read more...]

Top 10 Uses For Peppermint Essential Oil

Top 10 Uses For Peppermint Essential Oil

I am doing a series that tells all about the eleven Everyday Essential Oils that come included with the Premium Starter Kit. Definitely the BEST way to get started with essential oils in your home or as a business. The kit includes 12 oils, a home diffuser, and tons of samples and information. In this post I want to talk about Peppermint Essential Oil and how I use it personally in my home and for my health and the health of my family. [Read more...]

Healthy Scalloped Potatoes

Healthy Scalloped Potatoes

Growing up in Minnesota, I became very familiar with many different cheesy potato variations. At every family event and major holiday there is at least four different kinds to choose from. Crockpots all in a row…which one will be the favorite this time? Well, as much as I LOVED cheesy potatoes, my gut did not always enjoy what was in them. In an effort to create healthier versions of Minnesota favorites I came up with healthy scalloped potatoes.  [Read more...]

Does Your Diet Influence How Well You Sleep?

 Does Your Diet Influence How Well You Sleep

Too little sleep is known to impact your eating habits, appetite, weight gain and other metabolic functions, but little is known about whether different diets play a role in how well you sleep. A new study evaluated the diets and sleep patterns of more than 4,500 people and found distinct dietary patterns among short and long sleepers.1 [Read more...]

Great Big April GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway $550 Amazon Gift Card | Real Food RN

I really, really love doing giveaways! I feel it’s my way of giving back to all of my wonderful readers….because I know I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for all of you! Click here to take a look at some of the past giveaways I’ve done. This month, I’m joining with some other real foodie bloggers and giving away an Amazon Gift Card, worth $550!!! Just think about all the fun summertime gear you could but with that money, or all the awesome garden tools you could get to save money by growing your own food! [Read more...]

Healthy Sloppy Joes

Healthy Sloppy Joes

My husband grew up on a beef cattle farm so sloppy joes were a mainstay in his diet. So delicious and saucy. Also a staple at every family occasion. After we gave up eating grains, we had no way of eating our sloppy joes. No buns = big mess. I decided to remedy that, while also cleaning up our family recipe a bit to make them a healthy meal that we can add to our meal planning schedule. They turned out even better than I expected!  [Read more...]

7 Worst Ingredients in Food

7 Worst Ingredients in Food

More than 3,000 food additives — preservatives, flavorings,  colors and other ingredients — are added to US foods, and this is one of the  key reasons why I recommend avoiding most of the processed foods that contain them.

While many well-meaning nutritionists will teach you the  importance of reading food labels, the easiest way to eat healthy is to stick  with foods that need no food label at all… When was the last time you saw an  ingredients list on a grass-fed steak or a bunch or broccoli? [Read more...]